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geol 115 2006 exam pg. 2 - GEOL 105-Ol0,0l 1 Spring 2005 an...

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Unformatted text preview: GEOL 105 -Ol0,0l 1 Spring 2005 snucnveemptionsarenamed an b. Strombolian c. Explosian - d. Plutonian 7 gas and ash b hot and reek c snow and ice antsonehssharnbasalt l6) Hawaiian type eruptions have a VEI of: \ f a. 5 b. IX «_-._ ___. \‘\ C 0 . LG ’ k_“-“\‘_f—_/’——"/ 17) Which features would not be monitored at a potentially active volcano? a. deformations / b. gas emissions c. Seismic activity d. earth tides 18) Volcanic hazard mitigation includes: adrainin the m b. releasing gas pressure c.identifia'ng hazarda zones d..sealmg_tbexent_ 19) fz-i-iQ e he of aicalderazs W 20) Magma is formed when: 3. Coal seams igm‘te the rock ’0. more viscous “stic ’ flows slowl rock 5 heat. c. The geothermal gadient intersects the rock’s solidus d. The geothermal gadient intersects the rock’s liguidus 21) Volcanic ash clouds are: a. too hi i to endan er : lanes ' film's flows are: \f b. otential dan ers to 'et aircraft Version B c. gotential dangers to satellites d. potential dangers to shigs 22) Tsunamis have occurred In the Indian Ocean before 2004, notably from: a.The 1941 Kamchatka eruption 12.111: 1155 Lisbon fighmggg 23)JiltefiassadefléfilcanoaQbsewatorly was only founded: a. after the erugtion of Mt Lassen in 1915. b. after the emgtion of Mt St. Helens m 1,215. d after the-eruption of Crater Lake in 1915 c.Ehe1883 r «are . 7:»...—_';l__._88.3;Krakath.emtion. ...
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