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Test #3 1. a mental ______ is used to categorize things that have similar characteristics. concept 2. preparation, production, and evaluation are the three major steps in _____. problem solving 3. _____ is the failure to solve a problem because of an ? functional fixedness 4. what are the three abilities commonly associated with creativity? Fluency, flexibility, originality 5. Benjamin Whorf proposed that _____. The structure of language can influence peoples thoughts. 6. Knowledge and skills gained through experience and education are known as ? Crystallized 7. Howard Gardner proposed a theory of _____. Multiple intelligences 8. Sternberg’s triarchic theory of successful intelligence includes ? and _____. Practical intelligence 9. The first IQ test to be widely used in the United States was the _____. Stanford-Binet 10. Which of the following persons would be most likely to have similar IQ’s? Identical twins raised together 11. In the area of child development cultures have specific ideas and beliefs ? be trained. Such a set of ideas and beliefs is referred to as a(n) _____. Ethnotheory 12. Piaget used the term egocentrism to describe the fact that _____. Children view the world from one perspective (their own). 13. Roberta is 15 years old. She refuses to go to school today because she thinks she is having a bad hair day. Her fears most clearly illustrate _____. Adolescent egocentrism 14. During Piaget’s fourth stage of cognitive development, formal operational is capable of ____. Hypothetical thinking 15. Harlow’s research with infant monkeys and artificial surrogate mothers showed that ____. The most important variable in attachment may be contact. 16. Maturation refers to development that occurs as a result of ____. Genetically predetermined signals 17. Today the ______ approach to development is supported by most psychologists. Interactionist 18. The psychological development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. Adolescence 19. Prejudice or discrimination against an individual based on physical age. Ageism 20. Schemas are cognitive structures that contain organized ideas ? a. expand or differentiate with experience
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b. may assimilate new information c. may accommodate new information d. all of these options 21. According to Piaget, accommodation means that a schema has Been changed to fit new information 22. Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development start with the ? preoperational stages, and end with the _____ stages. Concrete and formal operational 23. Egocentrism is present in which of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development? Preoperational and formal operational
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cheat_sheet_2 - Test #3 1. a mental _ is used to categorize...

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