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“What High School Can Be”: A Position Paper
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often than not, very few students are recognized for outstanding academic performance. Theodore Sizer identified in his article some traditional school practices that still exist today and are being adapted in American education system. To name few are the little time provided to students to accumulate knowledge, the standardized curriculum, and the mastery in all subjects taught inside the classroom. According to him, these practices should be halted since they are determined to be “wrong-headed”. Taking my point of view, I definitely support Sizer’s ideas. If some traditional practices are still effective in the education of today’s American youth, then continue. However, if these are found out to be inefficient to be still practiced, then maybe it is time to make some improvements and adjustments on these practices. However, political and educational experts have different views on this issue. Some of them believed that instead of guiding the students to success, education system in America pulls the students down. The wrong education of American youths often causes standardized study program and subservient conventionality. Some certain scholars believe that the major problem in the current America’s education system is due to the mere foundation or basis of schooling. Additionally, as Sizer sees it, these problems arise due to the everyday classroom practices or habits. These thinkers do not have the same opinions on why there are those problems and how they can be solved. However, there is the certainty that American education remains ineffective because it asphyxiates the creativity among students and suppresses each one’s initiative on various areas like educational paradigms, homeroom instructions, required education, and poverty issues (Biterman, 2001). There are still teachers today that apply the traditional way of schooling. Educators are often the center of the learning environment. They have the power and control on facilitating a
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High_School_Education - "What High School Can Be A Position...

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