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ADHD Running head: ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER ADHD among Children [Name of author] [Institution information] Wolraich and Baumgaertel in “The Prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Based on the New DSM-IV Criteria” (1996) observe that ADHD is “the most common 1
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ADHD mental disorder in children” (p. 168). From a parent’s perspective, ADHD is a troubling disorder feared due to its adverse effects on the behavior of children. Wolraich and Baumgaertel (1996) further notes that the symptoms for the disorder “are usually well developed by school age” children and are also “most clearly and consistently observed in the school and classroom environment” (p. 170). For the parent, ADHD is a disorder that should be given strict consideration as it may greatly affect their child’s school performance and overall mental development. The article gives a detailed account of the history of ADHD, consistently citing earlier researches conducted in examining the disorder. The article also emphasizes the previous criteria in determining the disorder. In essence, Wolraich and Baumgaertel (1996) argue that DSM-IV as a new criteria for the prevalence of ADHD. In their research, the authors obtained teachers who will fill-up a behavior rating scale for their students. Children from kindergarten to fifth grade in a middle Tennessee county participated in a second study under the same research. Moreover, the questionnaires used in the research consisted of a modified teacher rating scale in order to fit the DSM-IV. In the studies, a
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behavior_problems_in_children - ADHD 1 Running head...

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