finalexam082-2 - 1 Above are listed the topics we have...

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ADOLESCENCE FINAL EXAM SPRING 2008 Each response should be coherently written and thoughtfully organized, including introduction and conclusion. Remember that you are expected to integrate readings in your responses; therefore be sure to include appropriate references (e.g., Aries 6.1 OR White, 1997). If you include a direct quote, you must include the page number (e.g., Aries, 6.1, p.176). Write your answers DOUBLE-SPACED. Historical Perspectives Cultural Perspectives Biological Development Cognitive Development Identity Moral Development Gender Role Identity Sexual Identity Family (Parenting) Social Class Peers School Teenage Pregnancy Risky Behavior Sexuality
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Above are listed the topics we have covered this semester. Choose one of the films we watched this semester (Rebel Without a Cause; Almost a Woman; Boyz N the Hood; KIDS), and analyze it using 4 of the above listed topics, one from each grouping. Remember to cite readings and also give specific examples from the film. Since all aspects of development influence each other, your answer should recognize this interaction and discuss how your four topics are interrelated. (50 pts) 2. Choose any 5 topics from the above list and discuss with regard to your own adolescence. For example, how did parenting affect your adolescence and who you are today? (50 pts)...
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finalexam082-2 - 1 Above are listed the topics we have...

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