QUIZ THREE The things they carried

QUIZ THREE The things they carried - What impact, if any,...

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Name Quiz Three: The Things They Carried For this take-home quiz, write a two- to three-page essay that answers one of the following questions about Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried . In your essay, be sure that you reference specific example(s) from the book; when using direct quotations, remember to cite those selections properly, either with footnotes or parenthetical citations. 1. O’Brien describes this book as “a work of fiction.” How would you classify this book? Is it history? A memoir? What’s the difference?
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Unformatted text preview: What impact, if any, does this have on what he writes? 2. Why did O’Brien go to Vietnam? What do he and his comrades think about the war in which they serve? What is their purpose or goal? 3. What does O’Brien mean when he says that a “true war story is never moral”? What moral judgments, if any, does he offer about the Vietnam War? 4. What were the things (physical, psychological, and/or emotional) that O’Brien and his comrades carried? More importantly, what was significant about them? How heavy were they?...
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