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4/15/08 Malaria - “bad air”. From swamps. Likely fall of the Roman Empire. Alphonse Laveran – Diagnosed malaria Alphones Mosquito. Ronald Ross was first to discover mosquito vector 4 species of Malaria that infect Man - P. Falciparum, vivax, malariae, ovale - vivax – Duffy binding protein - 4 species distinguished by their look Malaria was at one time endemic to the us Brought over by the slave trade Plasmodium vivax most prevelant Malaria can occur in “safe” locations. Cyclic fevers Falciparum continuous every 48 hours Malariae every 72 hours Malaria Paroxysm Cold, chilling stage “Hot stage” temp may go to 104 deg. F 2 – 6 hours Minimal diaphoresis, rise of convulsions Fever + Travel = Malaria
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Unformatted text preview: Latent Infection Vivax, Ovale, Malariae Malaria Relapse during pregnancy Substantial risk to the mother and fetus Maternal anemia others Two blood smears used to diagnose malaria Thick smear & thin smear Malaria Diagnosis Microscopy – gold standard Alternative: Antibody detection PCR Rapid diagnostics – dipsticks Children at particular risk because they lack immunity Over 5 develop immunity chloroquine and mefloquine resistant in india / myanmar area. Prophylaxis options Chloroquine – if sensitive Mefloquin weekly administered contraindicted with seizures arrythmias Doxycycline Atovaquone/progunil (Malarone) Abdominal pain, If pregnant, shouldn't travel to Malaria areas...
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  • malaria Alphones Mosquito, Malaria Paroxysm Cold, smear Malaria Diagnosis, Malariae Malaria Relapse, Malaria Latent Infection

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Golightly_notes - Latent Infection Vivax Ovale Malariae...

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