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Stacey, Jeffrey. "Re-occupy Iraq? (United States on the Iraq War)." The National Interest 90 (July-August 2007): 58(7). In the article “Re-occupy Iraq?” the writer Jeffrey Stacey analyzes the ideas of a troop surge by the Republicans, and a troop withdrawal by the Democrats. With the idea of another troop surge, Stacey explains that, “similar troop surges have failed in each of the last three years.” For the phased withdrawal plan, Stacey states militia groups such as the Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigades are preventing Iraq’s government and parliament from governing at the most basic level, and are not even able to implement policies or laws. Without having a strategy that rebuilds Iraq into a stable country, Stacey says we would end up with 600,000 more Iraqi civilian deaths due to a civil war, enable the separatist politics of different regions, exile the Iraqi middle class, embolden Iran as the strongest state in the Gulf, prompt further Islamic fundamentalism, and also endanger
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