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Saunders, Paul J. "The road to recovery. (The Realist)." The National Interest 93 (Jan-Feb 2008): 4(5). Paul Saunders’ essay titled “The Road to Recovery” describes the current predicament the United States is in due to the current foreign policy under President Bush. Bush’s administration has made pressuring governments around the world to become democratic, an essential idea to fight terrorism. Saunders explains that Congress and the mainstream media agrees with that idea, but the American public disagrees. He then says that American’s priorities are preventing nuclear-weapons proliferation, and fighting terrorism, saying, “Proliferation and the link between proliferation and terrorism are clearly the gravest plausible threats the U.S. faces.” To combat these issues, he says the U.S. must maximize cooperative relationships with other governments, either multilaterally or bilaterally. The need for a bilateral or multilateral cooperation means the U.S. needs to give greater attention to other state’s priorities, which encourages
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