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matthewtorinopaper1final - Torino 1 Matthew Torino...

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Torino 1 Matthew Torino Expository Writing Sometimes tragic events must be used as symbols to help a group reach equality within a country. This was the case in the gay community in “Losing Matt Shepard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of an Anti-gay murder.” Loffreda relays the story of the hate crime against Matt Shepard and all the political intrigue, posturing, and corruption that followed. The story of Shepard was used as a rallying cry by the gay community as well as those fervently against them and everything they stood for. If tragic or famous events such as these never took place, many diverse groups may not have received the chance to show that they are people too. No one saw them for who they were before this event. Because of necessity, tragic events have to be used to further political goals of equality in front of the law and acceptance of all peoples. Getting no attention can cause a group to receive little to no rights. If no one sees the horrors of their existence, why would they cry foul? That group would be forced to try campaign for whatever they could get. A tragic event can bring an inordinately large amount of publicity to a group. The more horrific the events, the higher the attention would be. For example, the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were abused for years following their questionable arrests in the Middle East but had no way of getting their message out to the people. Questionable torture techniques were sanctioned by the U.S. government, but kept classified from the public. If anyone outside the camp were to find out, there would be a PR firestorm.But then reporters and government officials started visiting the detainment camp. Then, suddenly, people started feeling sorry for these
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Torino 2 people that were supposed to be great threats to our country. So great, in fact, that we shipped them off to Cuba and locked them up. People started rallying behind them,
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matthewtorinopaper1final - Torino 1 Matthew Torino...

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