final proposal- winston churchill

final proposal- winston churchill - the proposal should...

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t he proposal should state as clearly as you can at this stage your definition of hero, the hero you will study, why you think he/she fits into that category, the methods you would use to prove your hypothesis, the results that you expect and why those results are important. Your proposal should also include: why is this person important -what evidence is required to prove he/she is a hero according to your definition -what procedures you will use; -how these procedures will answer the question or test the hypothesis; -what bibliographical sources you will use It should be well-written, clearly organized and free of grammatical errors. e Title Purpose:  Statement about the general  problem addressed.  This specifies the topic or area  of work. It sets the stage for broadly identifying the area of research and the problems  encountered in that area.  Justification:  An explanation of the  significance  of this area of inquiry.
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What is a hero? Is it someone who flies around in a cape and stops criminals or is it more so, someone who puts others before him or herself? To us, a hero is someone who sacrifices themselves for the greater good and makes those around him aspire to reach new heights. Everyone in the world aspires to become him; he’s the envy of the world. Heroes can change the fate of states and their peoples under many circumstances, even when one of the most heinous, terrifying war machines in history: Nazi Germany. We hope to prove our definition of a hero by highlighting and commenting on the characteristics, which in our view are heroic, of Winston Churchill. Churchill exemplifies everything anybody could want in a hero. It was almost as if he were more than this world
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final proposal- winston churchill - the proposal should...

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