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politics cruelty

politics cruelty - Matthew Torino Jonathan McFall Section...

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Matthew Torino Jonathan McFall Section H1 Government and Human Nature Dating back to pre-humans and Neanderthals, humans have always had a tendency towards violence. It was always the easiest way to solve a problem. Nobody else had to intervene. Two people would go one on one no matter what the problem; nothing was too large for violence. Two ancient peoples would quarrel over everything, never talking anything out. These peoples always went off two of the most basic instincts people possessed: survival and a tendency towards violence. While talking out a problem would have meant fewer atrocities and destructions of races and countries, it would not have established a clear dominance over another, and that is just what many of the ancient rulers would have wanted. There were also fewer consequences in the ancient world; there was no way the world could be destroyed as there is today. Nuclear bombs could potentially destroy the world today. Only one thing prevented violence from being used throughout time in any conflict: government and order. Humans always just want to go get the enemy no matter the consequences. As long as we obliterate our opposition, everything will be alright. A government’s job is to make sure that an orderly will is carried out that is best for the country, sometimes regardless of the will of the people it houses. Sometimes a government will not go to war for fear of destruction of its own people no matter how much the people want to get at the enemy state. Sometimes it is just not worth it. The government is there to calm down the ideas of its constituents and make sure everything that is done is best for the people, even if they do not understand it. However, many governments have very different ways of enacting what they feel is best for their people. These are called political ideals and philosophies. Many have been in place and have evolved to where they are today.
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Many states started with monarchies, justifying them by saying their ruling families had the divine right to rule their countries. God had given them the right to rule the countries and they would therefore do His will for the best of the people they rule. After thousands of years of this, some countries gave representation to its peoples in different ways. Greeks let the people have a definite say, while Rome gave them representation. Britain would go on to, through the Magna Carta, give its people representation while a King still had power. However, after America started the republic and democracy trend where people a say, more countries followed. After they saw how powerful we had become, many joined us, and monarchies were toppled. Today, many people have a say in just what goes in governments throughout the world. But others use Totalitarian systems where a dictator makes all the decisions, many times not best for its people. These are where cruelty still reigns supreme. The basic human nature is still thriving in these
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politics cruelty - Matthew Torino Jonathan McFall Section...

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