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info tech april 8

info tech april 8 - final exam online 48 hour window...

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4/8 info tech notes haraway-social feminist- women’s situation in postmodern(globalization) world of advanced tech being female isn’t binding cyborg- can be cybernetic, an organism, real or fictional ngo’s-nonnation states cybernetics-control, feedback women need to embrace tech boundary object-can be used/viewed in multiple ways women can be looked at in many ways do men and women look at tech differently homework economy- feminization of global workforce
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Unformatted text preview: final exam online 48 hour window sometime Monday-Wednesday media influences us through: advertising news in print tv influencing thought leaders males online- question of dominance-zero sum game- want freedom, gain females- supportive- non zero sum game- polite, considerate Erna Schneider invented computerized switching for telephone traffic Carly Fiorina- fmr ceo of HP- tech democracy for women Digital divide in a number of dimensions...
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