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Matthew Torino Expository Writing Paper 6 Rough Draft The Pursuit of Happiness Happiness has been the goal of man for all the time we and our relatives are able to remember. Men and women alike have been searching for just the right combination of abilities, achievements, and status to make them feel this elusive emotion of contentment. They think that materials they come into possession of will make them happy, causing them to think of themselves first while putting others in the rear view mirror. Self-interest takes over the population in the fruitless search for happiness. Their flawed logic is that making themselves appear more appealing to other people will give themselves this particularly hard to find sensation. In Jon Gertner’s essay “The Futile Pursuit of Happiness,” he describes how people do not become as happy as they would have expected when they do something like make a big purchase. Improving your life a little bit will not make someone much happier. One way in which people in the future could attempt to reach this futile goal is to enhance themselves and their children. Gregory Stock describes the potential of enhancement of gene selection in “The Enhanced and the Unenhanced.” However, in the future, people could potentially become unhappy if they do not possess the potential to enhance their loved ones. Martha Nussbaum describes the needs of everyone around the world and how all cultures need basic items. Enhancement, or selected traits, and germinal choice technology could soon become one of these universals that could not be lived without. Therefore, even if enhancements fall below expectations because they do not help as much as previously thought, most enhanced
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Torino 2 people will live healthier, but not necessarily happier, lives of a higher quality than normal people. Technology does not have a great impact on whether people throughout cultures have achieved complete happiness. While the future seems like a great place to live, without a care in the world, many people in the past probably thought that technology would cure all of their ails. We expect everything to be beyond our wildest dreams. However, these dreams are more than likely not going to come to fruition. “What Gilbert has found, however, is that we oversestimate the intensity and the duration of our emotional reactions-our ‘affect’-to future events” (Gertner 168). Someone may think that buying that new huge house will make their life complete, but it does not make life more exciting or fulfilling. That person just gets more room to operate inside their home. It is not as great as one would think. Enhancement would be a very similar venture. While curing many genetic diseases and changing someone’s looks sounds amazing in today’s
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matthewtorinopaper6finaldraft - Matthew Torino Expository...

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