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Matthew Torino Expository Writing Paper 5 Rough Draft Capability and Desirability While many people throughout our world are looking to the future, wondering what Earth will be like long after they perish, others question whether it will be worth it. Will the “post-human” species alter what those today believe is essential to a “good human life?” Is it conceivable that the unenhanced life that includes disease and more disappointments could have many more fulfilling moments included in it? The debate over which of these lives is worth it rages on between the two alternate viewpoints. Gregory Stock makes his argument in favor of the human “improvement” point of view in his essay “The Enhanced and the Unenhanced.” He argues that enhancement of humans is inevitable and will make the race even stronger. Fatal diseases will be reduced and parents can make sure their children are born with virtually no birth defects. However, Martha Nussbaum makes the argument that a human only needs certain capabilities to function and live a “good human life.” A good life according to Nussbaum is when a human has the capability to perform all functions that are necessary. These include life, health, bodily integrity, thought, emotions, reason, affiliation, other species, play, and control over one’s environment. These are the current cultural universals, or traits that are common to all cultures on the planet. However, enhancement could soon become one of these. Nussbaum agues that someone enhanced would not have a more fulfilling life, therefore making it unnecessary to change yourself for the better. Someone’s life will not be improved by enhancement. According to her, humans only need to possess certain capacities to live the life that is intended. Both have their valid
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points but enhancement could change a good human life. If all peoples of the world possessed access to human enhancement and Germinal Choice Technology, or GCT, universal expectations would evolve with them while they would be impossible and differ in all societies if all were not enhanced. Genetic enhancement can improve a person’s ability to perform the functions Nussbaum believes are necessary for a good life. With germinal choice technology, fewer and fewer children would be born with birth defects and conditions such as retardation and autism, which can hurt a person’s capability to perform certain actions. GCT can
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matthewtorinopaper5roughdraft - Matthew Torino Expository...

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