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Torino 1 Matthew Torino Expository Writing Rough Draft Paper #3 The Role of Surface in Resistance of Domination Surface can play a key role in determining how exactly a dominant group reaches the pinnacle of power and all its rich benefits. Sometimes the substance itself just is not enough to reach the top. Some groups just need that extra boost, a force to put them right over the top of everyone else. That force in some cases is the surface and perception. In Beth Loffreda’s “Losing Matt Shepard,” the homosexual community was being oppressed in the same ways that other races and ethnicities had previously been throughout time. They had the substance but needed the surface. The tragedy of Shepard did just that. James Scott’s “Behind the Official Story” exhibits how groups such as these hide their true feelings and sometimes need something to bring them out. Something that makes a faction look sympathetic can give them the courage and reason to want to bring these feelings out into the open. Virginia Postrel also makes an argument for surface in “Surface and Substance,” lambasting critics in the process. Surface matters if you want it to matter. It does not have any impact if others think something else. This can also take effect on a much larger scale, involving attaining equality. If what others see can help somebody get what they want, then they should use it to its full advantage. This includes when other, seemingly dominant groups try and take over. Resistance must take place. Showing a strong façade can be the greatest factor in resisting the control of another contingent of people. Some groups will only be oppressed because they are viewed as weak by those above them. When a group of people has little to no presence in a town, few will view it as an influential force. Only a small number of people would think that the group could be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this was the plight of the homosexual community in Laramie. “The
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Torino 2 LGBTA is the sole gay organization on campus and in Laramie itself.” (Loffreda 310) This just illustrates how little a presence that the homosexual community had in this town prior to the death of Shepard. Very few sympathized with their plight as only a few belonged to the organization. It seemed as if the group was weak. Few belonged to this group so it appeared as though the straights and politicians could give them little to no help in attaining equality. There was no support behind the group, so nothing could be done to ease the situation. Few see their collective hopes and opinions on these issues, because they do not care to. They just do not see beyond what is put right out in front of them. A very small amount of people read between the lines to see just what people are actually thinking. Sometimes it is not put right out in front for all to see. Even if a group appears weak, looks can be deceiving. “Form is dangerously seductive, because it allows the sensory to override the rational. An appealing package can make you
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matthewtorinopaper3roughdraft - Torino 1 Matthew Torino...

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