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Matthew Torino Expository Writing Paper 4 Rough Draft How Enhanced Appearance Could Affect Our Communities Many people throughout recent times have feared a world where people could enhance their birth features to become whatever they wanted to be. Would any people be genuine on the inside if they changed everything about themselves? This was always a fear of the dark side of the future. Gregory Stock addresses how the future could be changed by enhancement in his essay “The Enhanced and the Unenhanced” while Virginia Postrel shows how surface and substance are tied together in “Surface and Substance.” However, today the process of human enhancement seems only a stone’s throw in the distance. This process of enhancing people beyond their current forms is known as germinal choice technology, or GCT. GCT refers to a set of reprogenetic technologies that allow parents to influence the genetic constitutions of their offspring. In essence, these parents will be able to change anything they want about a child. Enhanced people are those who have had their attributes changed prior to being born. The parents select which characteristics would be best for their bundle of joy and give them exactly those. To get the process under way, the child would have to be conceived inside a laboratory, not by intercourse. While many would probably see this as an eradication of tradition, it would in all likelihood create a “better” child. Parents could pick which traits they want from over one hundred healthy embryos. They could potentially create the perfect looking human being. But would this allow them to create a perfect person? How much would the surface matter in this case? The divides would grow between the
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Torino 2 enhanced and unchanged because of surface, but it would cause all enhanced people to come together. The enhanced people will possess more of the attributes that are valued in today’s society. In all likelihood, their parents would have chosen the traits that would make them most attractive to other people. If all people with access to GCT became very attractive, those who were already unappealing would look even worse. They would practically be today’s lepers. It is conceivable that these people could be shut out of society for the most part. In the past, before the enhancement, they already had to endure their own lot of setbacks. “People without the special talents and attributes that our society values-those
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MatthewTorinopaper4finaldraft - Matthew Torino Expository...

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