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matthewtorinopaper2roughdraft - Torino 1 Matthew Torino...

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Torino 1 Matthew Torino Expository Writing Final Draft Making a Hidden Transcript Public Sometimes a group keeps their honest, true feelings to themselves. Those feeling constitute their hidden transcript. These people usually either go unnoticed or are walked all over by a dominant group. No one knows their suffering and no one cares too. But what happens when that aforementioned hidden transcript is thrust into the open for all to see? Beth Loffreda and James C. Scott address this very issue in their respective works “Losing Matt Shepard” and “Behind the Official Story.” These groups had always been subordinate to the people higher up on the totem pole, or the dominant faction. The prevailing group would always just oppress their subordinates whenever it was necessary to their personal gain with no regard to the feeling of those below them. Many just assumed these people accepted it the way it was and if they didn’t there was nothing that could be done about it. They never expressed their true feelings, instead just putting out a façade of feelings for others to see. They may not be genuine but are what the controlling group wants to see. This is known as a public transcript. But when issues come out by way of tragedies such as the Matt Shepard murder, the true emotions of the lower and exploited, or hidden transcript, comes out in all forms and this can have consequences for everyone involved. Some can have little to no impact on the status quo but others can radically alter just how much power that group has and how it is viewed. Nothing can stop them once their ideas are out there for the world to see. One of the main consequences is that if a group is united and lets their ideas be known, they will not die down until their demands are met to some degree.
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Torino 2 The dominant group reigns over their subordinates as long as there is nothing to unite them. The gay community was politically controlled by by that of the straights leading to turmoil and tragedy One of Shepard’s friends “linked the assault to the Wyoming legislature’s failure to pass a hate crimes bill.” (Loffreda 313) They weren’t protected by the legislation previously enacted. No one really paid enough attention to them or had a particular reason to. The dominating straight politicians felt they had no reason to expand their laws for such a niche group. Someone or something had to change their minds. They had to come together to get the government to notice, and Shepard brought them together. No legislation had previously been
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matthewtorinopaper2roughdraft - Torino 1 Matthew Torino...

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