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Discussion Notes - assumptions Identify, draw conclusions,...

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1.31.2008 How to write a good question o Content/comparison Basic description questions, understand definitions What year was the Pueblo of Los Angeles founded? How many people first started LA? Don’t connect to the three themes o Interpretation Application questions Making sure you can understand the basic things that happen in the content questions and then understand why they happen According to our definition of social justice, which of the following movements would be considered a radical movement? Still not connected to outside materials or the main themes o Analysis Forces to think more critically Looking at implications of policies, consequences – more than just
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Unformatted text preview: assumptions Identify, draw conclusions, analyze Why was Los Angeles selected as the site of the first non-mission town? o Synthesis Developing your perspective; creative thinking Asking to think outside of the class Predict, produce, write, develop, construct What would you predict would happen if there was another racial uprising in Los Angeles and how would it affect society, politics, and economics? Themes o Reinvention o Opportunity o Justice 2.27.2008 Three articles from class Compare southland to readings Citing pastor o...
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Discussion Notes - assumptions Identify, draw conclusions,...

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