Fundamentals of Media Effects; Ch21

Fundamentals of Media Effects; Ch21 - [Fundamentals of...

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Unformatted text preview: [Fundamentals of Media Effects] Chapter 21: New Communication Technologies New communication technologies force us to approach communications research and conceptualization differently. New communication in general has shifted from one-way mass communication to more interactive processes; traditional ideas of sender and receiver are now obsolete. The term transactional mediated communication has been used to describe this new technology: transactional implies a give-and-take situation, where sender, receiver, and information processor are roles easily interchanged; mediated means the media is still involved. T HE D IGITAL F RONTIER : What are new communication technologies? Its really hard to define this term, because theres such a broad range, and it keeps evolving. I. One way to do so is to define its essential nature, or how its essentially different from traditional media. New media is different in that its no longer mass media: mass media traditionally refers to centrally produced material distributed to...
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