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Notes for JUS

Notes for JUS - was that the pope was declared infallible...

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Notes for 11/26/07 Defining   Nationalism   =common   cultural   traits   like   religion,   food,   language,  territory etc.  Chauvinism= a sense of superiority.  In this case that one’s culture superior to all  others such as an Englishman might feel when comparing his culture to that of the  culture of India because India was subjugated by the British.  Patriotism= loyal to one’s country strong feelings to a country.  Nationalism   concerning   the   church:     Question   why   would   the   church   feel  threatened by the nationalism? The 1 st  Vatican one was convened to deal with the  issue of nationalism. The most important statement that came out of the council 
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Unformatted text preview: was that the pope was declared infallible. Prior to this statement the pope was never considered infallible. By 1864 the infallible pope put together a list known as the list of errors. This list was against liberalism modernity. All the strides made to insure right of the individual was considered hearsay. (Look at Carroll 439) In this list of errors the church declares itself against freedom of the press, freedom of religion. It’s a little disconcerting that the church would be against everything we hold dear. (Look at Carroll 443)...
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