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Extra Credit Problem - Extra Credit Problem In recent years...

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Extra Credit Problem In recent years, there has been much discussion on the topic of global warming. The subject is extremely complex and seems to evoke emotional responses. The issues seem to be: 1) Is global warming real?; 2) If it is real, is it significant?; 3) If it’s real and significant, what is the cause?; 4) If it’s real and significant and the cause can be deduced, can it be controlled? There are as many theories in answer to these questions as there are “experts”. It is important to understand that climatology is an extremely complex and poorly understood science at best. Even so, there seems to be no shortage of “experts”, climatologists as well as laypersons claiming some expertise on this subject. While there is considerable disagreement about the definition of the global temperature, there appears to be consensus that the global temperature (however it is defined) has been increasing over a relatively short recent time period. There is also a reasonable understanding of a
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