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Chapter_7_Membrane_Structure_and_Function - Chapter 7...

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} } { { Chapter 7 - Membrane Structure and Function Various Functions 1. Compartmentalization Delineates boundaries of cell and compartment Separation of cell from its environment Barrier for passage of hydrophilic material (PLASMA MEMBRANE) Intracellular Membranes Compartmentalize functions within cell interior 2. Localization & Organization of Function Molecules and structures associated with given cell function often associate with membranes Membrane not only contain specialized material { Embedded within membrane or attached to it are specialized structures and molecules for given cell function (enzymes) (chloroplasts) 3. Regulation of Transport Regulation of movement of substances in and out of cells and interior components Passive Trans Diff H 2 O down O 2 CO 2 Conc Gradient Facilitative Trans Larger polar molecules need binding to trans proteins to pass lipid interior No E Needed! Active Transport Transport against conc gradient { requires ATP driven “pumps” 4. Detection and Transmission of Signals Membranes {signal transduction Membrane receptor proteins embedded in pm
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Specific for binding to special “signal” molecules (“ligands”) { transmit signal from outside cell to interior Ex.: hormones Activate internal “second messages” 5. Cell to Cell Communication Multi-cellular organisms – much cell to cell contact
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Chapter_7_Membrane_Structure_and_Function - Chapter 7...

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