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Wearn-ENGL 1102-Final Exam Questions For the final exam, you will need to answer one of the following questions. Your essay must include textual evidence and should use proper MLA citations. You may use your text, a grammar handbook, and a dictionary on the final. While it is advised that you formulate theses and topic sentences and contemplate textual evidence before the exam, absolutely NO prewritten materials can be used. Please bring paper and writing utensils (preferably pencils) to the exam. 1. Many American playwrights explore the power and/or danger of the “American Dream.” In your essay explore one of the following: How the theme of the “American Dream” adds to the heroic quality of Willy Lowman in Death of a Salesman OR How the “American Dream” acts as a destructive force within the Lowman family
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Unformatted text preview: in Death of a Salesman 2. Family life often plays an essential role in American Drama. Explore one of the following topics in your in-class essay: The celebration of enduring family values in Death of a Salesman OR The exploration of family dysfunction in Death of a Salesman 3. Modern American Drama often deals with the way that culture fails to provide a safe haven for individuals. In an essay, explore how Death of a Salesman is a tragedy that hinges on society’s failure to respect and/or nourish the dreams and goals of unique individuals. 4. Arthur Miller explores the destructive dynamics of parent and child relationships in his drama. In an essay, explore how the illusions of Willy Lowman in Death of Salesman serve as a destructive force in their children’s lives....
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