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Please complete the following questions about ACT TWO of Death of a Salesman . 1. What does Howard’s tape recorder represent? 2. What does Dave Singleman represent for Willy? 3. When Biff tells Miss Forsyth (about Willy): “you’ve just seen a prince walk by. A fine, troubled prince” is he in earnest? If so, why does he think Willy is a prince? 4. On leaving the restaurant, what does Happy tell Letta about the identity of Willy? Why? What does it tell us about Happy’s character? 5. In Act II, what do we learn about all the “women” Happy is able to “get”? How are Happy’s women similar to the woman Willy has had an affair with? 6. Why does the young Biff travel to Boston to visit his traveling father? What does he learn there? Does the knowledge change his life? How? 7. What do the seeds that Willy plants at the end of Act Two symbolize? 8. At the end of the play, Willy accuses Biff of cutting down his life “for spite.” Is this true? Has Biff become a “nobody” just to punish Willy?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Why did Biff have no address for three months? Does the reason surprise you? 10. A the end of Act Two, what does Biff claims he has learned from stealing Howards Pen? 11. Why does Biff cry after the confrontation with his father? How does Willy interpret Biffs crying? 12. Why does Willy kill himself? Are his actions noble or cowardly? 13. At Willys graveside, Biff tells Charley, that theres more of his Willy in the front stoop than in all the sales hes ever made. What does Biff mean? 14. In the end, Biff says Willy had all the wrong dreams. What does he mean? 15. How does Charley characterize Willy and salesman in general at the graveside? 16. Does Biff change by the end of the play? Does Happy? If so, how so. 17. How do you interpret Lindas final words, Were free . . . Were free. Is there irony here? 18. What is the theme of Death of a Salesman ?...
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Miller+Prompt+2 - 9. Why did Biff have no address for three...

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