Essay 2 FINAL - Fain1 Victoria Fain ENGL 1102 Dr. Wearn...

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Fain1 Victoria Fain ENGL 1102 Dr . Wearn 01-05-08 Gender Roles in ‘The Chrysanthemums” From the moment you are born you are given a gender and with that gender comes a list of things that will be expected of you along with a list of thing that you are not allowed to do . Even as a baby you are told you are a boy or a girl and wrapped on a pink or blue blanket . These gender roles will influence the rest of your life . They will define who you will talk to, what you will study, what job you will have, and even who you will spend the rest of your life with . In “The Chrysanthemums” John Steinbeck uses the theme of gender roles, through the main character Elisa, to show that women have a deep seeded, strong feminine power but society will not allow them to use or show it . At the beginning of “The Chrysanthemums” Steinbeck shows Elisa in her garden planting flowers while husband is doing business unknown to her . This shows the reader a lot about the gender roles of the couple . Steinbeck says, “Elisa Allen, working in her flower garden, looked down across the yard and saw Henry, her husband, talking to two men in business suits . The three of them stood by the tractor shed, each man with one foot on the side of the little Fordson . They smoked cigarettes and studied the machine as they talked” (222) . This shows the reader that the husband, Henry, makes most of the important decisions for the family . It is also apparent to the reader that Elisa dose not
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Fain2 know about her husband making this decision when she says “Henry, who were those men you were talking to?” By allowing her husband to make these important decisions with out consulting her Elisa is conforming to the gender role that the man of the house
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Essay 2 FINAL - Fain1 Victoria Fain ENGL 1102 Dr. Wearn...

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