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Exam 2 Guide 35 multiple choice questions covering terminology, concepts and calculations. 105 points. The number of questions per topic are indicated below. Chapter 3 4 Revenue/Expense recognition, accrual and adjustments 2 Deferred revenue / Unearned revenue (liability) 3 Accrued revenue / Receivables Expense transactions: 2 Deferred expense / Prepaid expense (asset)
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Accrued expense / Payable 2 Depreciation of fixed assets / contra asset 1 Controlling and subsidiary accounts 3Closing entries 2 Order of Accounting Cycle Chapter 4 1 Three primary financial statements 6 Income Statement/Multiple step IS 5 Balance Sheet / Classified Balance Sheet 1 Statement of Stockholder’s Equity 1 Articulation...
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