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Tourrette Syndrome Paper - Tourrette Syndrome Tourette...

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Tourrette Syndrome Tourette syndrome was considered rare and exotic at one time. Now however Tourette's syndrome is a relatively common childhood-onset disorder which consists of both vocal and/or motor tics. It is a disorder of the nervous system and, contrary to popular belief, is in no way contagious. The beginning of the study of Tourrette syndrome dates back to the 1800’s but the acceptance of it as an actual disorder did not happen until the early 1990’s. In 1884 a French neurologist named Dr. Gilles de la Tourette was one of the first to ever describe patients who were affected with compulsive tics. In his primary case he describes a woman who 60 years earlier experienced the symptoms of tourrette syndrome. Her disturbances began when she was seven years old, and persisted until her death at the age of 80 years. According to Gilles; “The patient at the age of 7 was afflicted by convulsive movements of the hand and arms. After each spasm, the movements of the hand became more regular and better controlled until a convulsive movement would again interrupt her work. She was felt to be suffering form over excitement and mischief, and because the movements became more and more frequent, she was subjected to reprimand and punishment. It soon became clear that these movements were indeed involuntary. They involved the shoulders, the neck, and the face, and resulted in contortions and extraordinary grimaces.” Symptoms of Tourrette syndrome can be divided into motor, vocal, and behavioral manifestations. It also often concedes with ADHD and/or obsessive- compulsive disorder OCD. About 11-20% of persons coming to clinics have no other disorder, or could be referred to as "TS-Only." They tend not to have other problem behaviors. The others meet, on average, criteria for 2 additional disorders, most often ADHD and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD.
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There are two (2) types of tics simple and complex. Simple tics are sudden, brief
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Tourrette Syndrome Paper - Tourrette Syndrome Tourette...

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