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ENGLISH 1102: English Composition II Spring 2008 Mary McCartin Wearn, PhD Assistant Professor of English, School of Arts and Sciences Office : H/SS 135 Phone: 471-2989 Email : mary.wearn@maconstate.edu Homepage : http://facultyweb.maconstate.edu/mary.wearn/ AIM : palaceburner Office Hours : M-W: 10:45 am – 12:45 pm T-TH: 3:15 – 5:15 pm This syllabus is a dynamic document, which may undergo revision over the semester. Please consult my homepage frequently for updates. Prerequisite : A minimum grade of C in English 1101. Texts : Discovering Literature (Guth and Rico) Class Goals and Learning Outcomes: English 1102 is a composition class in which students will further develop the writing and critical thinking skills established in English 1101. By the end of the semester, the successful student will be able to read and interpret fiction, drama, and poetry and to write analytically about them. In order to create and support engaging theses, students will need to understand basic literary principles and terms. The art of literary research will also be taught this semester. At the term’s end, students must be able to conduct research using electronic and print materials and to appropriately integrate secondary sources into their original literary analysis, using MLA format. While the language and mechanics of literary analysis are the primary focus of this class, this course aims, in a more general sense, to foster a deep and personal appreciation of literature. Class Requirements: Reading Prompts and Quizzes (20%) Essay 1 (10 %) Essay 2 (15 %) Poetry Presentation and Essay 3 (15 %) Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography (20 %) Final, In-Class Essay Exam (15 %) Participation (5 %) For a more detailed description of class requirements, please refer to the Course Homepage.
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ENGLISH 1102: English Composition II Spring 2008 Class Schedule : MONDAY WEDNESDAY JAN 7 Introduction to the Course HOMEWORK Read: DL 56-58 "Setting"; DL 59-65 "James Joyce" and "Araby" Joyce Prompt 1 JAN 9 Discuss Readings HOMEWORK Read: DL 180-183 "Point of View"; DL 261-263 "Theme"; DL 584-592 "Amy Tan" and "Two Kinds" Tan Prompt JAN 14 Discuss Readings HOMEWORK Re-read “Araby” Read: “Writing About Literature”; “Developing Essays About Literature”; “MLA Citations” (Available on WebCT) Writing Mechanics Prompt Joyce Prompt 2 JAN 16 Writing Workshop: Developing Theses and Topic Sentences HOMEWORK Draft Essay 1 JAN 21 King Holiday: No Class JAN 23 Complete Draft of Essay 1 Due Peer Editing (Mandatory) Review: The Major Editing Errors HOMEWORK Read: DL 217-220 "Symbol"; DL 220-233 "John Steinbeck ," "The Chrysanthemums," "Juxtapositions" Steinbeck Prompt JAN 28 Discuss Readings HOMEWORK Read: DL 91-93 "Character"; DL 353-367 "Flannery O’Connor" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find" O’Connor Prompt JAN 30 Discuss Readings HOMEWORK Work on Essay 2 FEB 4 Discuss Readings Writing Workshop HOMEWORK Read: DL 612-649 "Poetry" ** “Wild Geese” “Truth” "Sometimes in Winter," "New
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1102+combined+Syllabus - ENGLISH 1102: English Composition...

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