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Developing Essays about Literature Making an argument: At the simplest level, an essay about literature is an argument that presents and defends one critical interpretation of a work. Thesis: Like any other written argument, a literature essay must begin with a thesis , a statement that presents the main claim of the paper. The thesis, which can be more than one sentence, is generally found in the introduction of the essay. Theses about literature—like all other types of theses—must have a point of view that is arguable. Good Example (arguable): In “Two Kinds,” the conflict between mother and daughter are caused by cultural differences. Bad Example (not really arguable): In “Two Kinds” the mother and daughter are in conflict as the young girl grows up. Paragraphs and Topic Sentences: The thesis of a literature essay must be developed and supported through the body paragraphs of the paper. Each paragraph will ideally have a topic sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph. In order for an essay to
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Developing+Essays+about+Literature-Two+Kinds - Developing...

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