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MIS 585 Midterm Topics 1. Be able to answer the following questions in your own words: a. What is MIS? b. Why do you have an MIS class in your MBA curriculum? c. What is a system? d. Architechture vs. infrastructure e. Types of investments a. Be familiar with the main organizational technologies discussed: ERP, CRM, SCM, EAI, Knowledge management, Collaboration technologies, Data Warehouse b. Be able to discuss the various organizational systems at a high level i. Define ii. What does it do? iii. Why would an organization want this type of technology? iv. Key vendors c. Understand the buy and build processes 3. In addition to material in the slides, you should be familiar with the following terms: a. GUI b. CIO vs.CTO vs. CKO c. Second Life d. VOIP e. RSS f. MySpace g. Deli.cio.us h. Bluetooth i. RFID j. GroupSystems k. XBRL l. Honeypots m. WiMax n. Mashups
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Unformatted text preview: 4. You should be familiar with the key points in the 6 required readings and the Timberjack case and be able to apply them to answer a question: a. Six IT Decisions your IT People Should Not Make b. IT and the Board of Directors c. Generating Premium Returns on your IT Investments d. When Too Much IT Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing e. Getting IT Right f. Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology 5. Data flow diagrams a. You should be able to read, draw, identify errors in and correct context and level 0 diagrams, using the notation discussed in class. b. You should be able to discuss the role of DFDs in the SDLC FORMAT: YES: Modeling problems (similar to homework); short answer; short essay; matching NO true/false; NO fill in the blank If its in the slides or any of the assigned readings, it is fair game....
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