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Test 3 Meteorology Notes - Test 3 Meteorology Notes Chapter...

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Test 3 Meteorology Notes Chapter 6: Pressure gradient force- always acts from high pressure to low pressure. (Opening a can of coffee for the first time). Occurs when the air in the atmosphere goes from high pressure systems to low pressure systems to balance out the pressure in the atmosphere. Air moves away from high pressures system in a clockwise manner to a low pressure system in a counterclockwise manner. Lowest pressure is found at the center of a storm. The greater the number of isobars there are near each other in a given map, the stronger the winds will be. Coriolis force- an apparent deflection to the right of motion in the northern hemisphere. Coriolis force needs to be considered when objects of fluids move substantial distances relative to the earth. Vorticity- Rotation of spin of the air about the vertical axis. (A skater bringing arms into the body to increase the spin). Friction- only important in the lowest kilometer or so and tends to retard the flow. Chapter 8: Air masses: Air within a circulation cell that shows a relatively high degree of homogeneity over a broad horizontal area is known as an air mass. It is distinguishable by s temperature, moisture, and stability characteristics, which in combination with its temperature relative to the earth’s surface, produce predictable associations of weather. If a circulation occupies an area hundreds or thousands of kilometers in radius, the air will be homogenous from on side to the other. Temperatures will be higher on the equatorial edge of the air mass on the pole-ward edge and moisture and stability characteristics may vary also. Direction of flow around high and low pressure areas: In the northern hemisphere the
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Test 3 Meteorology Notes - Test 3 Meteorology Notes Chapter...

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