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Urban Planning Second Half Notes March 10, 2008 Benefits from TODS: brings rider ship, system expansion, accessibility to jobs… What were the recommendations in Cranford’s vision? -simplify zoning -target areas for new development -manage parking -improve public spaces March 31, 2008 Providence Strategies to better their city: 1) Establish historic commission with new zoning ordinances to protect historic resources. 2) Relocate and cover train tracks to remove physical and aesthetic barriers.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Create new development sites to bring more people and jobs and raise tax revenue. 4) Open up the river and reconnect waterway to downtown. 5) Relocate highway to create new developments sites and incorporate warehouse neighborhood with downtown. Who are the creative class that Philadelphia is trying to attract? Answer: highly educated workers, entrepreneurs, and young college educated people....
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