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Ghost Dog Essay - Ghost Dog Due Thursday 11/8 Com 215-001...

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******* Ghost Dog Due Thursday 11/8 Com 215-001 The “code of the Samurai” that Ghost Dog follows throughout the movie states that he must obey his master at all costs and show him the utmost respect, no matter what. This code is the code that the Samurai of ancient Japan followed many years ago. Despite the fact that no one else follows such a code anymore, Ghost Dog follows it loyally. One instance when Ghost Dog uses his code was when he shot his boss, Louie, in the shoulder. He shot him only because Louie asked him to, but because he’s his master and he could never kill him, he only shot him in the shoulder. A second scene was the dramatic ending when Ghost Dog empties his gun and allows Louie to kill him. Being that Louie is his master, and dictates everything in Ghost Dog’s life, he had to allow him to kill him without putting up any fight. The most significant relationship Ghost Dog had in the film was with his master. He lived and breathed only to serve his every wish. He also had an important relationship with Pearline, who read his books about ancient Japan and could possibly become like him the future, after reading the code of the Samurai. Also, his relationship with the Haitian man was significant. Even though they could not understand each other’s words, they both understood each other on another level. In fact, they would often repeat what the other said without actually knowing he said it. One scene in which humor was portrayed was when Ghost Dog shoots Louie once again
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course COM 215 taught by Professor Stritzler during the Fall '07 term at Adelphi.

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Ghost Dog Essay - Ghost Dog Due Thursday 11/8 Com 215-001...

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