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1 ******* Professor Lin Topics in Chinese Culture (0952-110-004) 19 November 2007 The Good Women of China Chinese women have been unable to enjoy the freedoms of equality that Western women have been able to enjoy. Xinran, the former radio host of Words on the Night Breeze , a revolutionary radio program that featured stories about women, is the author of the book The Good Women of China . In her book, Xinran chronicles the many poignant stories she’s heard throughout her years as a radio journalist. The book creates a vivid portrait of the lives of Chinese women through the darkest times of the Cultural Revolution. She demonstrates to readers of all cultural backgrounds the plight of Chinese women and how greatly repressed they were, and in many ways, still are. In modern civilizations, when young girls mature into women, they are usually guided by their mothers or other adult women role models. In the past, Chinese girls had little to no guidance or explanation of what was happening to their bodies as they matured into women. In the story The Girl Who Kept a Fly as a Pet , Xinran tells the distressing tale of a young girl who was blindly ushered into womanhood. When Hongxue, an eleven-year-old girl, experienced her period for the first time, her mother treated her with indifference. “Hongxue, you’ve grown up,” is all her mother said to her. “No one—not even Mama—had told me about women’s matters before,” Hongxue writes in her letter to Yulong. Hongxue was given no information about the physical changes that were going on within her body, and all her mother told her was that she was now “grown up.” However, Hongxue’s story becomes more sickening. Upon hearing that
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2 his daughter had “grown up,” Hongxue’s father proceeded to take advantage of his own daughter, touching her in ways that no one had ever touched her before. “This was my first ‘woman’s experience,’” Hongxue writes, “Afterwards, I felt very sick.” The physical abuse against Hongxue only worsened as time went on. In fact, at one point her father even began slipping sleeping pills into her meals in order to keep her at home. With all of the abuse going
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Good Women of China Essay - 1 Professor Lin Topics in...

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