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AFRICAN american final paper


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AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE APRIL 20, 2008 FINAL PAPER THE MORELS OF A MARRIAGE I read the tail of “The Man Makes and the Woman Takes” in the book of African American Folktales by Roger D. Abrahams. About how the man wants the woman to obey him completely no matter what and she thinks she doesn’t have to. They basically get into a power struggle with each other of this. In the end, the woman wins. I felt myself pulled to this story because of the fact of how the world is today with marriages or even relationships in general. It seems that men these days feel like they HAVE TO BE in total and complete control over the relationship. This would mean what time the dinner has to be on the table, what to wear, how do things in bed, who they can or cannot talk to, and best of all, ask permission to do things like taking a shower. Sure, women do it too but not as often as men. It used to be, the men worked all day and the women took care of the house and children. But times have changed and so has the roles of men and women. THE ROLES OF WOMEN These days, the role of a woman can include anything. The sky is the limit. Women are doing men’s jobs such as construction work and mechanics. They are single moms going to school to get their education to get a better job to provide for their children. They are women who are keeping the house clean and sending the children off to school as they head to work. Gone are the times of women being the stay at home mother and keeping the house clean while she waits for the husband to come home. THE ROLES OF MEN
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The role of men have changed quite dramatically. Men used to be the ones that went to the office for the day and come home to their waiting wives and a prepared meal. Now men are single fathers, bringing up children on their own and working full time jobs. They are the ones in the kitchen preparing those meals for the wives for when they get home from work. Men are living on their own and not at home, washing their own clothes and doing their
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