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Ch 1 Bates Call systems: a bunch of sound types, each of which is produced in response to a particular situation Empiricism: reliance on observable and quantifiable data Ch. 2 Carrying capacity: The point at or below what a pop tends to stabilize at Ecosystem: The cycle of matter and energy that includes all living things and links them to the nonliving Foraging: a form of sustenance in which food getting is dependent on naturally occurring resources Genes: hereditary units Habitat: The specific area where a species lives Horticulture: a simple form of agriculture based on working on small plots of land Industrial agriculture: Farming using large inputs of fossil fuel and industrial technology Intensive agriculture: for of agriculture that involves the use of draft animals or tractors, plows, and often some form of irrigation Niche: environmental requirements and tolerances of a species Pastoralism: an economy largely or wholly based on the use of domesticated animals Political ecology:
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