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The Particular Lingo of the Informal Online Community: An abbreviated language Friend: yo sup Translation: Hello Me: nm u Translation: Nothing much, you? Friend: nm jc Translation: Nothing much, just chilling. (note: chilling is yet another slang word taken from African American culture) Friend: m8 my gf is so l33t she got me a mic for CS for my bday Translation: Mate (dude, friend), my girlfriend is so elite (awesome, cool); she got me a microphone for Counterstrike (an online game) for my birthday. Me: lol now u won’t be such a nubcake Translation: (Laughing out loud, mocking laughter in this case) now you won’t be such a terrible player (nubcake is a silly variation of noob, newb, n00b, etc.) You just read a sample of the syntax of a conversation between two people that were speaking through an online medium. Several common words in the lexicon of this subculture were also used. As you may have noticed, the conversers used slang and abbreviations to get their meanings across. The placement of the words in the sentences, the syntax, is the same as the English language; however certain parts of the sentence are abbreviated (Kottak, 2007). The conversers belong to a subculture that speaks in abbreviated words and phrases over the internet, otherwise known as the “words of cyberspace” (Starrs and Anderson, 1997). Typically, people who use this slang do so using instant messaging programs such as MSN and Yahoo Messenger. Or, they may be typing away in the middle of a game, coordinating with allies and taunting their enemies. There are several well known acronyms and abbreviations in this subculture; large
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phrases and ideas are shortened to just a few letters (Golsborough, 2007). Some enjoy the impersonal aspects of online chatting, and they feel more comfortable flirting, for
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Anth Proj - The Particular Lingo of the Informal Online...

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