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Kottak 5,8,9 - Ch 5 Language and Communication Kinesics...

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Ch. 5: Language and Communication Kinesics: study of communication through body movements, stances, gestures, and facial expressions Phonology: study of speech sounds Morphology: studies the forms in which sounds combine to form morphemes, words and their meaningful parts Lexicon: a dictionary containing all morphemes and their meaning Syntax: refers to the arrangement and order of words in phrases and sentences Phoneme: a sound contrast that makes a difference, that differentiates meaning. We find phonemes by comparing minimal pairs, words that resemble each other in all but one sound. Phonetics: the study of speech sounds in general Phonemics: study of specific sound contrasts in a given language Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: different languages produce different ways of thinking Focal Vocabulary: specialized set of vocabulary for an activity particularly important to a certain group. Semantics: refers to a language’s meaning system Sociolinguistics: investigates relationships between social and linguistic variation Style shifts: varying speech in different context Diglossia: switching dialects in different contexts Historical linguistics: deals with longer-term change in a language. Daughter languages:
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Kottak 5,8,9 - Ch 5 Language and Communication Kinesics...

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