Chapter 1-4 outlines kottak

Chapter 1-4 outlines kottak - Ch. 1 Holistic:...

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Ch. 1 Holistic: all-encompassing, the “whole” Society: organized life in groups Cultures: Traditions & customs, transmitted through learning. Influences beliefs and behavior. Hominids: Fossil and living humans are included in this group Adaptation: The process by which organisms cope with environmental stresses. General Anthropology includes sociocultural, archaeological, biological, and linguistic anthropology. Ethnography: provides an account of a particular community, society, or culture (Field work) Ethnology: Analyzes results of ethnography and other subfields. Then it compares, contrasts, and makes generalizations based on that data (More general than ethnography) Cultural Anthropology (related to linguistic anth): study of human society and culture. People in this field engage in ethnography and ethnology. Archaeological Anthropology: determines human behavior and cultural patters through material remains Biological Anthropology (related to archaeological anth): Human biodiversity in time and space. Study hominid evolution, human genetics, plasticity. Also study primateology. Linguistic Anthropology: Study languages of present and make inference about languages of the past All of these subdisciplines influence each other. Applied anthropology: The second dimension of anth is the application of anthropological data, theory, etc. to identify and solve contemporary social problems. The first dimension is theoretical/ academic anth. Applied anthropologists work in all sorts of environments. E.g. bio anths work in public health, nutrition, forensics. E.g. public archaeologists do Cultural Resource Management (CRM) , preserving significant info about the past when sites cannot be saved. Linguistic anth aids edu (knowledge of linguistic differences important in a multicultural society)
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Chapter 1-4 outlines kottak - Ch. 1 Holistic:...

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