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14-Cancer Genetics

14-Cancer Genetics - Cancer Genetics Cancer Chapter 21 pp...

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Cancer Genetics Chapter 21 pp. 627 - 638 Cancer 0. Some statistics 0. 1 out of 2 men 1. 1 out of 3 women 2. NIH predictions 0. 1.44 million new cases of cancer diagnosed 0. a slight decrease 1. 560,600 deaths due to cancer 1. a slight increase What is cancer? 1. group of diseases characterized by cells that do not respond to the normal controls on cell division 2. ultimately - a genetic disease but different from other genetic diseases most mutations arise in somatic cells of ONE tissue 3. multiple mutations must occur over time Nature of Cancer 3. "normal" cell receives proper signals for inhibition or stimulation of growth 4. "cancer" cell has disrupted signals 4. leads to formation of tumor 2. localized – benign 3. invasive – malignant 2. metastasis Early observations indicating cancer is a genetic disease 5. Many agents that cause mutations cause cancer 5. ionizing radiation 6. chemicals 6. Cancers are associated with chromosomal abnormalities 7. chronic myeloid leukemia 7. Some cancers "run" in families 8. retinoblastoma Multistep or Two Hit Model of Cancer 8. Alfred Knudson (1971) 9. retinoblastoma single eye tumor, no family history
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two hits in a single cell would happen only rarely; results in a tumor in one eye Tumors in both eyes,family history because only a single mutation is needed, the likelihood of it occurring in both eyes is increased Clonal Evolution of Tumors 9. Cancer begins with a single cell mutation 10.leads to abnormal growth rate
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14-Cancer Genetics - Cancer Genetics Cancer Chapter 21 pp...

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