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Philosophy 140

Philosophy 140 - Phil 140 Killing Animals Regan A defense...

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Phil 140: Killing Animals 01/10/2007 16:00:00 Regan: - A defense of meat eating: Indirect Rights View Regan’s Objectives -Defending vegetarianism: The Rights View Essay questions: Should take 1.5-2 hours Write an outline for each one before the actual question is released Double Spaced 1200-1500 words Can use class material Not a research project- should be able to just use book and brain (no google!) Cite things by title Counter arguments News (and random other facts) Supreme court has agreed to hear case about lethal injection Lethal injection = they put a lot of chemicals into your body, including a thing that immobilizes you. Another one causes excruciating pain. But, because of the immobilizer, a person does not feel it. One important thing: in some respects (not in all) we are much more cautious to the needs of animals that we choose to kill than to the humans we choose to kill. o Killing cows: putting a bend in the conveyor belt so they can’t anticipate their death (try to minimize pain) We have executed around 600 people in 30 years In a slaughterhouse, 400 cows are killed per hour.
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