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ECO_presentation real - Hi everyone my name is Delger Today...

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Hi everyone, my name is Delger. Today Im gonna present about 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics budget. Beijing was elected host city on July 13 , 2001 . The 2008 Summer Olympics , officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad , will be hold in basically Beijing , on August 8 , 2008 at 08:08pm and 08 seconds. (The number 8 is associated with prosperity in Chinese culture .) Not only in Beijing, but also equestrian events will be hold in Hong Kong , this marks the second time the same edition of Olympic Games has been hosted by two National Olympic Committees . (1956 Australia and Sweden) The Chinese government has allotted $40 billion (U.S.) for construction projects such as the National Aquatics Center. Some of those funds are also earmarked for improvements to Beijing's airport and mass transit. Its largest architectural pieces will be the divided in 6 sections Beijing National Stadium , Beijing National Indoor Stadium , Beijing National Aquatics Centre , Olympic Green Convention Centre , Olympic Green , and . US $2.1 billion ( RMB¥ 17.4 billion) in corporate bids and tenders are expected to fund and almost 85 percent of the construction budget for the six main venues. The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad is working on a budget of some US$1.6 billion for the environmental protection, in improving highway and railway links, and in the construction of Olympic venues. The total outlay for the Olympics is expected to run to some 131 billion yuan ( about US$16 billion ). The stadium will seat as many as 100,000 spectators during the Olympics, but this will be reduced to 80,000 after the games. It has replaced the original intended venue of the Guangdong Olympic Stadium . The stadium is 330 metres long by 220 metres wide, and is 69.2 metres tall. The 250,000 square metre (gross floor area) stadium is to be built with 36 km of unwrapped steel, with a combined weight of 45,000 tonnes . The stadium will cost up to 3.5 billion yuan (422,873,850 USD / 325,395,593 EUR ). The ground was broken in December
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ECO_presentation real - Hi everyone my name is Delger Today...

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