Comm431_050108 - PRIVACY What constitutes invasion of...

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PRIVACY - What constitutes invasion of privacy? -Privacy is a treasured value in our society -Public disclosure of private facts is a means of intrusion - Definition : The right of a person to be left alone to enjoy life as he or she sees fit, without his or her name, picture or activities becoming public property, unless he or she gives up that right - Privacy is protected from invasion by all news & entertainment media - Affects only living persons - Corporations & public institutions are not covered - Privacy laws do not protect your reputation - Kinds Of Privacy 1. Intrusion into the solitude or a person or private concerns/affairs: Wrongful use of recording devices, cameras, mikes Trespassing 2. Publication of private matters which offend ordinary decency Sensational exposure of personal, financial, sexual, health, social affairs ANYTHING that occurs in a public place or on a record on public records are not an invasion of privacy. Anything that the camera records that could be seen by the eye in or from a public place is not invasion of privacy. 3. Publicizing a person in a false light, placing persons in front of the public and
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Comm431_050108 - PRIVACY What constitutes invasion of...

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