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Chapter 5 (144-155)

Chapter 5 (144-155) - Chapter 5 pg 144-155(book I What is...

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Chapter 5, pg. 144-155 (book) I. What is Perception A. Perception - a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment a. The world as it is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important II. Attribution theory A. Attribution theory - an attempt when individuals observe behavior to determine whether it is internally or externally caused a. 3 factors- (1) distinctiveness, (2) consensus, (3) consistency b. Distinctiveness- whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations c. Consensus- everyone who faces a similar situation responds the same way d. Consistency- responding the same way over time B. Fundamental attribution error - tendency to underestimate the influence of external factors and overestimate the influence of internal factors when making judgments about the behavior of others C. Self serving bias - tendency for individuals to attribute their own successes
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