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April Adorno Introduction to Sociology (Soc 110, Spring 2008) Group Presentation Worksheet 1. What is the research question that the author is (explicitly or implicitly) asking in the article? Sometimes the author will explicitly ask a research question and this will be an easy task—you need to simply copy the question below. But more often, the question is implicit and you will have to create a question in your own words to articulate the unstated research question. Every author makes a claim that her/his research (or theorizing) sheds light upon some kind of uninvestigated area and provides an answer to a question or problem not yet addressed by other researchers. Articulate the research question implicit in the author’s claim in a one (or two) sentence(s) below: The author asks what kind of risks, rewards, problems and issues arise from a first generation immigrant small business, specifically nail salons run by Asians. (pg 241) How does the treatment of different races and economic status in relation to Asian nail salons area reflect inequalities in society? 2. What are the author’s findings? The findings are the things that the author’s research (or theorizing) uncovers. The findings are the answer to the research question. The author often summarizes findings in the first few paragraphs. State the findings in a few phrases below: The study’s findings illustrate three dimensions of body labor: 1. Physical labor of attending to bodily appearance and pleasure of customers 2. Emotional labor of managing feelings to display certain feeling states to create and respond to customers’ regarding services of their bodies 3. Variation in the performance of body labor The author also found that the dimensions vary across different research sites and have three distinct patterns of boy labor provision
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article 25 response - April Adorno Introduction to...

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