Review ex 3 spring 2008 - 1 Psychology 236 Spring 2008...

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Psychology 236 – Spring 2008 semester Review for Examination III (May 1 st ) Lifespan Development Carolyn R. Fallahi, Ph. D. School violence 1. Why is it human nature to want to blame someone? How did politicians and the media handle the blame of Columbine? Give some examples. 2. Can we account for a person’s behavior in complex situations? Use Zimbardo’s prison study to help answer this question. 3. Can normal people act differently in abnormal situations? Use the massacre at Jonestown in 1978 and The Heaven’s Gate Suicides in 1997 as examples in your answer. What about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? 4. What specifics about these two young men can we point to in understanding why it was difficult to predict their behavior? 5. What about the Cassie Bernall story? Is this yet another example of the difficulty in predicting behavior? Explain. 6. What was the potential role of media violence in this example? How does media violence affect young boys and girls? 7. Is it easy/difficult to predict suicide or homicide if you are a trained professional? Explain. 8. What is the gun argument according to Sociologist Dane Archer? 9. What about adolescence? What is going on during adolescence that makes it more difficult for young boys and aggression? 10.What is the role of emotional intelligence? 11.What is the boy code?
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Review ex 3 spring 2008 - 1 Psychology 236 Spring 2008...

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