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Psych 335 Exam 01 - Name _ Psychology 335 First Exam...

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Name ______________________________ page 1 Psychology 335 First Exam February 21, 2008 1. Give three examples where behaviors or sensory experiences affect the secretion of hormones. (3 points) reflex ovulation stress pheromones (smell of male) causing release of luteinizing hormone changes in testosterone levels in men watching sporting events milk letdown in lactating females others 2. Briefly define. (2 points each) Myelin: the fatty sheath that surrounds axons and acts as an insulator Mitochondrion: the powerhouse of the cell where metabolic fuels are oxidized to produce ATP Synaptic vesicle: a packet of neurotransmitter in a terminal button that is released into the synaptic cleft when an action potential comes down the axon Enzyme: a biological catalyst which facilitates chemical reactions Stereotaxic atlas (not a stereotaxic instrument): a map of the brain that allows placement of electrodes and cannulas in specific parts of the brain Portal vein: a blood vessel that collects blood from one capillary bed and delivers it to another capillary bed — e.g., the hypophyseal portal vein connecting the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary 3. What is reflex ovulation? (3 points) Name one species that exhibits reflex ovulation. (2 points) The phenomenon where stimulation of the female’s vagina by the male’s penis is required for ovulation to occur Cats, rabbits, shrews 4. If you inject a substance into the lateral ventricles in the forebrain, it may actually exert its effects on behavior by acting directly on neurons in the hindbrain. Explain why . (3 points) it is carried back to the hindbrain by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid which flows from the lateral ventricles to the third ventricle to the fourth ventricle in the hindbrain
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Name ______________________________ page 2 5. Name two glands whose function is controlled by direct neural inputs. (4 points) pineal, posterior pituitary, pancreas, adrenal medulla 6. Name two glands whose function is controlled by hormonal inputs. (4 points) anterior pituitary, thyroid, adrenal cortex, ovaries, testes 7. Explain how hormone secretion by the posterior
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Psych 335 Exam 01 - Name _ Psychology 335 First Exam...

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