socio_final[1] - 1. - Promotes social solidarity- can...

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1. - Promotes social solidarity- can promote in more positive or negative way - Muslims get shunned for their religion, promotes more inter-religion sociability (movie) - Promotes group identity by “social control”- morals to go by provides appealing rules -Divides into us vs. them to justify war. Religion represents a group -Ethnic attatchment and solidarity- important for young AA, keeps them attatched to Asian identity. -Common for there to be immigrants of Buddhism, stick with religion in new area, don’t really get a new social identity 2. -Can use religious beliefs to remain alone. “Promotes social solidarity” -Can use social controls as rules and morals to go about in everyday life. -Can use religion as psychological comfort in the stressful new setting -Ethnic attachment and solidarity: can suit own lives, keep them attached to ethnic identity. -Practical information and services from religion- helps members to integrate into the American Mainstream. From helpful access to education/employment/housing -Social Status and Prestige can help provide jobs to help integrate into American Mainstream -Facilitate Assimilation and Integration: helps integration and connections with non- Asians -Religion provides identity and motivation to groups and to individuals as members of
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socio_final[1] - 1. - Promotes social solidarity- can...

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