December 5- 16th Century AD

December 5- 16th Century AD - 16th Century/ 1500's AD...

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16th Century/ 1500's AD Huayna Capac 1493-1530 AD Montezuma II 1502-1520 Quetzacoat I Cortes 1519 Cuitlahuac 1520 Huascar 1530-1532 Atahualpa 12532-1533 Pizzarro 1532 Cajamarca Manco 1533-1536 Tupac 1572 blue is incas black is aztecs europeans wanted to get away with whatever they could Content with trade but if the oppurtunity was there they would be mean, conquer and enslave Aztecs King of aztec empire is montezuma II Ruled over vast empire, sretching across mexico from pacific to atlantic empire had about 12 million people (6 times the size of england) Concerned because of bad omens and strange sightings taking place during his rule Earthquakes, floods, a comet, received strange reports that their were white strangers with chalk faces were wandering around the Yukatan Tied into an old aztec legend about Quetzacoatl left mexico and had gone east over the sea towards europe, and one day he would be back to take over mexico montezuma concerned all these strange happenings were somehow tied into Quetzacoatl This will happen in 1519(the year spanish first make contact with aztecs) 1519- Spanish had conquered the Carribean Spanish governor of cuba sent spanish soldiers to make contact with the aztec empire (small force of 600 men led by Cortes) Cortes and men march inland and find out that most of men in this empire are not aztecs, they are from different ethnic groups who had been conquered by the aztecs These people hate the aztecs and might even be of some help to the spanish
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December 5- 16th Century AD - 16th Century/ 1500's AD...

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